Docker Images

  • Kavita

    Kavita is an open source self hosted manga reader app.

  • Legend of the Green Dragon

    Legend of the green dragon was/is a PHP based multiplayer RPG. It was immensely popular but unfortunately ceased development. Because of its reliance on PHP 5 and MySQL 5 it is difficult and unsafe to run on modern hardware. I created the docker stack as an answer to this problem, it makes it incredibly easy and much safer to run.

My Docker Hub

Dragonprime Reborn

Dragonprime Reborn is a revival of the old forum. It used to be the only place to download modules and various other files regarding Legend of the Green Dragon. Since it is now defunct, this new forum is an attempt to revive it and make the files freely accessible again.

Glavenus Home Server build with Pico made with 💘 by axcora.